Stepper Dampers Set | 3D Printer Motor Vibration


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Make your 3D Printer quite with a set of nema stepper dampers. These are like little shock absorbers for your 3D Printer that reduce noise, vibrations and can even increase your 3D Print quality.

How to Dampers work?

Stepper dampers mount between your nema stepper motor and the frame of your 3d printer. A single stepper dampener consists of two metal plates that are isolated by a rubber bushing. This piece of rubber absorbs the vibration from the motor, belt and micro-stepping preventing the vibration from traveling through the housing of the printer.

Believe it or not most of the noise from your 3D Printer is actually resonate vibration noise travelling through the 3D Printer Frame and other ridged parts that make up the structure of the machine.

Installing Stepper Dampers

It’s super easy to install dampers to your 3D Printer. Simply put them between your stepper mount and stepper motor to install then on your machine.

3d printer stepper dampener install

That’s all there is to it. These dampers for your 3d printer outlast the life of the motors! At a price point like this and with such a huge impact in performance. This is by far one of the easiest and effective mods for your 3d printer.


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