MKS GEN V1.4 | 3D Printer Mainboard Controller Board | 8-bit


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MKS Gen V1.4 is made by a Chinese manufacturer Makerbase. MKS (Makerbase) are manufacturers of 3D Printer controller boards also know as mainboards that run MarlinRepetier and other firmware. Check out this article: MKS Gen V1.4 3D Printer MainBoard Controller

This is an 8-bit control board for your 3d printer with an Atmel Mega 2560 micro controller and is a cost effective board used by 3D Printing enthusiasts.


MKS Gen v1.4 Information

The MKS Gen v1.4 board was designed from the RAMPS Schematic so many of the pins are the same when configuring your Firmware of choice.

MKS Gen Stepper Compatibility

The board supports Stepper Drivers up to 1/16 microsteps such as A4988, DRV8825 and TMC2100 drivers.

Fan Wiring Connection

The MKS Gen 1.4 comes with limited connections for your 3d printer’s extruder fans, board cooling fans and part cooling fans. This connection is for your 3d printers cooling fan as it kicks on after your first layer has been completed during the print.

Adding a MOSFET Driver to your MKS Gen v1.4

MOSFET Drivers add low amp hardware and control them with the signal pin. Wire these to the secondary power input on the board, wire up the fans and then connect the signal pin to a free digital pin. Then just modify your firmware configuration to activate the pin for the extruder fan power. These support up to 24v which makes them a great and affordable choice.

mks gen 1.4 fan wiring

MKG Gen v1.4 Summary

Makerbase’s Gen 1.4 is a great cheap 3d printer controller. I really like how easy it was to setup and is directly compatible with Marlin Firmware (the best!).

You can find the datasheet for this board here: MKS Gen Datasheet

Makerbase has also come out with a 32-bit ARM micro controller board line, MKS SBase. Be sure to check it out with Marlin 2.0.

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